Original Ideas For Home Shelves

In the following manual DIY household you some ideas to make your own original homemade shelves advantage and recycling objects can be cornered house or we can get for very little money and turn them into very practical and original shelves.

Invisible books shelf
As you can see in the picture, we can create a hidden from view where the books seem to “float on the wall” shelf. We just need to install a simple shelf bracket and pasting or screwing hide in the bottom cover of the first book. In this way the support is hidden, creating this original effect.

Hanging shelf
To make this shelf only we need a thick rope and wooden planks cut to size. Just we have to make the 4 holes on the boards with a drill with milling to pass the string head.


After having passed through the string holes, we should tie the rope to the ceiling with plank lowest I go by placing caps on other boards trying to remain horizontal.
Shelves with cubes
This type of shelving could be done with any bucket or plastic box and just try to fix it to the wall with a couple of screws and washers that hold the weight without damaging the plastic.


Shelves with skateboard
These are very good especially in children and young rooms giving the room an original touch. Just have to install on the metal supports for wall shelves and screw them skate as if they were a wooden shelf.


Bike rack with wheels
You can see how to make some very original bookcases with simple bicycle tires. When stretching, they support all sizes of books. Just we have to get an iron support for bolting to the wall like you see in the image and some used bicycle tires.



Shelves with cardboard tubes
This type of cardboard tubes are mainly used in packing and storage of building materials centers. As cardboard can be easily cut to the thickness you want and can be painted and decorated in many ways. We can also find PVC pipe that can be used to make similar shelves.


Oddly enough it can be made very solid furniture and shelves using only recycled cardboard. Visit our article on how to make cardboard furniture for some examples.



You can also choose to make it work fully customized using materials such as plaster or plasterboard. In the following article you’ll learn how to make plasterboard shelves with step by step.


In the following link you can see more ideas on how to make original shelves