Building your own walk-in closet

Walk-in closets have been a well known thing in the United States for decades. The average single-family homes there are also much greater (there is also more space) and that makes it is quite normal that there is a dressing room off the master bedroom is linked (usually also a bathroom).

Here are some ideas: 

Strictly speaking, it is very efficient. All clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats, ties, underwear, etc. all in one place. On balance you are – if you arranges efficient – less space than lost many a man or women now leave all belongings. Count it a try, then you usually see just how much stuff you have. This, while initially more space seems to take.

What should it be and how do we do it?

What it is to be precise depending on the budget and the space. There are plenty of opportunities to come to your wardrobe, including:
An extra bedroom conversion to a dressing room
A portion of a bedroom conversion to a dressing room
Taking a walk in closet in bedroom
Bays, inlets or conversion to open cupboards closet
An extra bedroom
The most generous is an extra bedroom conversion to a dressing room. Sometimes you see all kinds of old cabinets put on a lot, but is often little efficient. It is better to look at the space, and then to start drawing. How much hanging space to get there, how much leg portion and how many special compartments or drawers. Let there in the existing space your imagination loose and decorate it as efficiently as possible. Take all possible voids along, if only where slippers or shoes find a neat place.
For shoes, there are several possibilities. On the one hand to build on the system boxes. Just over 12 cm. Tipping of the wall and to the front in order to be close to the shoes. In a narrow part, these highly efficient and in multiple colors for sale. But shoes can also just above the ground are placed on special shoes racks (wood or metal).
Shoes are not final piece of a dressing room, but low to the ground or at least less at eye level is not a problem. A corner with some drawers can not hurt. It is not for the jewelry than make-up can be stored or used for shoe polish, clothes brush and shoe horn.
Then must for all those racks, shelves and boxes are also doors. There are several possibilities and is entirely to your own taste in.
Remember somewhere to create some space for a nice big mirror. Extremely important in such a room. This does not continue to take extra space for a sliding door for a clothing section may be fine with a special mirror. Finally, remember that there must be good light.


Wardrobe in the bedroom

Fortunately, you see more and more large wardrobes that are together to taste a whole set. This is ideal in itself, sometimes some expensive, but if you come up to a optimally adjusting wall for the clothes and accessories.
Would you make it yourself, make a drawing of the wall and share it on paper as you would like to see (preferable to scale drawing). Against a wall can easily be mounted shelves and racks where the hanging clothes arrive. If you created the layout, you then go see how you like closing off the wall. Great tight panels (with or without mirror section), the well-known way to fold louvered doors or a kind of blinds you possibly can even be automatically eject. Always try to work from wall to wall, which looks quiet and evenly for a bedroom.

Walk-in closet in the bedroom

Do you have a large bedroom, you can create a walk-in closet in the bedroom. A portion, for example, what is partly walled and yet it is part of the bedroom. The layout can be made into a corner (first time on drawing sketches where you want some) and if you love the open walk-section, also it takes no space. Nice doors for the shelves and the side adjacent to the sleeping area you foresee from the rest of the bedroom appropriate wallpaper, wall paint or wood (painted or not).
Bays, inlets or conversion to open cupboards closet
Do you have an old house with old cupboards or niches, you can also make it suitable as a kind of wardrobe. Look carefully at the area and what all you can do with it. Old houses would still sometimes have high ceilings, and then work with such a cupboard rising. Nice boxes on a shelf for hanging rail can accommodate so many things that you do not need daily, and it looks neat and tidy.
In an old house you have to look a little more explicitly how it eliminates. What door place for you in just a classic style or ultra-modern. This kind of spaces is in practice often very inefficient decorated, while this still there are so many possibilities.
To measure is to know
Knowledge is power … and this certainly goes on. Before you get started, it is good to have a drawing to scale with what you want in the existing space. You know immediately whether and what is feasible and do not you come halfway to face unpleasant surprises. What materials and colors you will use, and last but not least, how much money you want to spend for your ideas and fit your budget. Forget the big picture, the practical side and not thinking particularly logical solutions.