A shelf with boxes of fruit


Fruit boxes: an inexpensive, strong and easy to get material that’s what we see in the picture above and we can help to make fruit-boxesfurniture storage shapes and different sizes, boxes of fruit. If you need a shelf to organize books classroom or work area or toys in the children’s room, this project will interest you.
You have to know what is the space that we occupy with shelving and compartments few we have, that is, with few boxes we make. Then you have to choose the color scheme that best suits the room in question and will need wood for the structure. But maybe we will see how is the shelf we’re talking about.

This is a very strong shelf because in addition to the boxes to organize, has a wooden frame in which these are placed, a strong structure for that need various boards and you can create with boxes color contrast . In this case the outer timber has been dyed a shade of dark wood and the boxes have been painted white, the result is great, but there may be other possible combinations.
Before making the structure must be measured well so that it corresponds exactly with what will occupy the boxes, after having painted all just have to put them and we will have a list shelf to organize everything we want put on it. What do you think of the idea?