Learn How To Make A Floating Shelf For Creating Illusory Kitchen Environment

Floating shelves create elegant places for storing things minimizing the focus the wall. These also make the kitchen gorgeous with a professional sleek look and can be mounted any place for matching the home decor.

There are many DIY tutorials on how to make a floating shelf on the internet and following the directions given there one can easily make an adorable floating shelf to give kitchen a spectacular look.

For those who love to have a floating shelf in the kitchen but have no idea about how to make a floating shelf should go through the videos for having a look as to how floating shelves can be made.

Floating shelves can be made of different sizes as per specific space available and hence sizes can vary but the basic principle of making the shelves remains the same. The process starts form cutting a long 1”x2” strip into pieces. Three pieces should be cut one equal to the desired length of the shelf and the two others equal to the depth of the shelf. As, these will form the three edges of the shelf cut one end of each short piece and both ends of the long piece at 45˚angle for forming rectangular corner upon joining.

The next step is to fix the panel. It requires cutting of two panels according to the size of the shelf using anything form wood, plywood or medium density fiberboard, whichever is available. The strips are now joined with nail gun and after applying glue on the top, one of the panels is fixed with nail gun. Same process is followed for fixing the other panel taking care of alignment of the top and bottom panel on both sides.

Now, another strip is cut equal to the length of the hollow space for using as a mounting base. Four other strips are also cut 1” less than the depth of the hollow and the strips are screwed together to form the base.

After checking if the mount fits the hollow, the other two strips are also fixed between the two short strips for additional strength. This frame is then fixed on the wall using nail gun and wood paint or varnish is applied on the frame and the shelf made.

When both have dried perfectly, glue is applied on the mount and the shelf is slid down on to the mount to fit like a glove permanently to get the floating shelf ready for use.