Shelving ideas for modern homes

Modern homes and offices are implementing new shelving ideas. By arranging various shelves, you can easily store many items in less space. The space available in your house is fixed. However, you will add new items on a continuous basis. As your family grows, the number of items that you will store in your house will also increase. You should figure out unnecessary items and should remove them if required. Let us check how you can implement new shelving ideas so that you can store more number of items.

Shelving ideas

Various styles

You will not only store more items but you will arrange them in various designs so that the items will not perish. They will not be exposed to insects. Modern shelving ideas include wired shelves which help in arrangement of items in great styles and there will be enough circulation of air. These shelves come in various designs and styles. You can select a style as per your requirements. You can easily implement this style either at home or office. As these wired shelves give sleek appearance, you can plan rest of the items around these shelves.

Shelves beneath the staircase

If you are living in a duplex house, you can conveniently convert the other side of the staircase into a beautiful staircase. In this way, you will not only access items that you want but will also manage your space in a most efficient manner. You can also arrange lockers and you can let your children use them.

Arranging books

There are number of ways to arrange books. If you go for folding type shelves, you will be able to arrange books in a most efficient manner. You will be able to place both big sized books and small sized books. You will have great flexibility as you can turn these shelves both horizontally and vertically. The shelves are made of strong but light weight wood material.

Quad bookcase

You can go for quad book case which is a multi-sized shelf. The shelf is very convenient to store CDs, DVDs, folders and various books. You can store more number of items in less space. You can also turn your entire wall into a great book case. You should take the assistance of a good carpenter to achieve this task.

Shelving ideas for your office

By arranging files and folders in various shelves you can conveniently access them. You will not waste your time and effort. You should have cupboards nearer to the work location. You can also plan lockers. New designs can be implemented at the construction stage itself so that you can save lot of money.

By arranging warehouse items in properly planned shelves, you can store more number of items in less space. You should be able to segregate items as per their use and their properties. You should store chemicals and other harmful substances away from regular items. You should also separate liquids from solids. Objects which are heavy in size should be kept in lower shelves. By keeping all these factors in mind, you can plan great shelf designs.